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Florida Car Title Loans is here to help. Perhaps you need extra money to cover monthly expenses. Or you have unexpected expenses and you need help making payments. We know that unpleasant surprises like emergency house repairs or a sudden job loss can happen to anyone at any time. Don’t worry if your credit isn’t as shiny as it once was. We don’t hold bad credit against you because we understand that the events that caused you to need an auto pawn may be out of your control.

What are your options if you need more cash than you can get with a typical title loan?

Often people who need fast cash can get exactly what they need with a title loan. Those loans average from $1,500-$5,000, depending on the value of their vehicle. (Read more about title loans here.) But what if you need more cash than you can get with a title loan?

Auto pawns are the answer

How does an auto pawn work? Like a title loan, auto pawns use the value of your vehicle as collateral, which means your credit rating is unimportant. The main difference between title loans and auto pawns is auto pawns require us to hold your car until the loan has been repaid. Holding your car as security allows us to loan you more money than we can with just a title loan. With an auto pawn you can get up to $25,000 in less than 24 hours.

We offer the most competitive rates in Florida, and we’ll work with you to create the ideal loan structure for your needs. You can even get a jump start on the process by filling out our 2 minute application on this page.

Here’s everything you need to get the fastest approval of your loan:

  1. A vehicle title that is clear of liens.
  2. A valid government issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

Straightforward, isn’t it?

That’s because we’re always working to make the loan process as simple and easy as it can be. Here are some of the great benefits of auto pawns:

  • Florida Title Loans offers the most competitive interest rates in the state.
  • Our great rates are the same for everyone, no matter what their credit score is.
  • You get cash very quickly, often within 30 minutes.
  • Our customer service reps are the friendliest, most helpful people in the business.
  • We have the best payment structure in the industry.
  • We have offices across the state of Florida, so you’re never far from the cash you need.
What if you already have an auto pawn loan with one of our competitors?

If you are already working with one of our competitors you’re probably wishing you had come to us first. But don’t worry. We can still help you. We’re the most innovative lender in the business and we have ways of helping our customers, and our competitors’ customers, that the other guys just can’t match. We’ve revolutionized the way the auto pawn business works, and we will get you a much better deal anyone else. And that’s a promise.

What if you want to pawn another kind of vehicle?

Great, we love them all! If you have a boat, motorcycle, RV, jet ski or even a wave runner that you’d like to pawn just give us a call. We love to work with every kind of vehicle.

Find out how much cash you can get today by filling out the 2 minute application now.

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