Best Ways for Single Moms to get Financial Help
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Best Ways for Single Moms to get Financial Help

Single mothers across the nation experience financial problems and need help from time to time. However, there are ways for single moms to get financial help. It is not easy when tough times strike, especially when children are part of the equation. No mother wants to see her children suffer. While the single mother can do without, she does not want her children to experience what she does. Fortunately for single mothers in the United States, there are several programs available for a number of issues that the mother may face. Let’s explore how single mothers are getting the help they need. In some cases, the financial help is offered until the mother can get back on her feet.  Here is a list of financial help for single moms provided by Florida Title Loans.

Health Insurance

For single mothers with young children especially, health insurance is paramount and important to the children’s well-being. Because illness is a given when it comes to young children, single mothers without health insurance will be more worried about not being able to provide. A single visit to the emergency room can cause a financial breakdown for any single mother. Can you imagine the experience of taking a child to the hospital, only to discover that the child has to be transported via helicopter to another hospital and stay for more than three days while being miles away from home? What does a mother do in a situation where the hospital bill is more than $30,000 and she is unable to pay? Enter Medicaid, which is a federally and state funded program providing health insurance to families with lower income. The program is funded partially by the federal government and is operated by the state. Therefore, each state has its own guidelines for eligibility. The Healthcare Marketplace through the Affordable Care Act is another viable option for single mothers without medical insurance. Usually, applicants have to enroll between November 1st of one year and the end of January in the next year. is the website for putting in an application.  


There are a few options for financial help for single moms with proper housing. Topping the list is the Section 8 program offered by most states. The program is based on income. There are also programs that help single mothers to purchase their own homes. Operation Hope has a home buying program that aids in the purchase of a first single-family home. There are charity organizations that offer help in building small homes for families; one such is Habitat for Humanity. If you are homeless and you need dire help to find housing for you and your children, contact this organization. The government also offers opportunities to purchase a home through HUD.

Purchasing a Vehicle

The government may offer grants to single mothers without a vehicle. The grant voucher would be used to purchase a vehicle. However, most grants come with stipulations. For example, one of these grants makes it mandatory for you to attend college. To get information about vehicle grants, call your social service office locally to see what is available. Taking time to make that phone call could get you the vehicle you are in need of. Many charity organizations also donate vehicles to single moms. Of course, the waiting list may be long, but the sooner you can have your name entered into their database, it will give you a better chance to get a vehicle.

Day Care

Everyone knows the high price of day care. By the time a single mother gets paid, she has to be paying the day care center for keeping her child so she can go to work. If you are earning low wages, then it might seem pointless to send your child to day care. If there are family members that help out with supervising your child while you go to work, then this would be the ideal option. However, children develop more when in a group setting with kids their own age. For that reason, day care centers are important. There are government programs that come to the aid of single mothers. The Department of Health and Human Services is the government office where you can apply for a grant to pay the entire daycare cost. The day care grant is specific to the other’s location and wages. If you do qualify, you have to select a daycare provider from a list of state certified providers. Head Start is another program that is federally funded for the education of children under the age of five and who lives in a low income household.

Food Assistance Programs

Like daycare, the government offers food assistance for low income families and the unemployed single mother. Both the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Food Stamp (SNAP) programs is offered as ways for single moms to get financial help any state. Once the application is made online or in person, the single mother may be asked for proof of income and other requirements. The mother will be issued an urgent and temporary TANF card until the application is processed. The same programs also offer other help such as cash assistance, utility assistance and medical expense assistance. You can apply at the Department of Children and Families. The card will have a chosen PIN number. You will swipe the card at any grocery store that accepts these government food assistance cards. The WIC program is also another supplemental option for women with young children and infants.

Scholarships and Grants

If you are thinking about pursuing an education, you may be qualified for certain scholarships and grants. There are many online resources that you can access. However, there are scholarships and grants specifically for single mothers. offers a long list of grants that you can explore. You could also be eligible for government scholarships by filling out a FAFSA application.

Getting Help with Title Loans

If you are struggling financially as a single mother and don’t know where else to turn, then it is time for you to consider a title loan. The process is fast, simple and easy. You can get money to feed your kids in as little as thirty minutes to one day. All you need is clear title to your vehicle, an ID and proof of income. Contact a title loan lender today for financial help for you and your children.

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