Boat Title Loans

Are you someone who needs a short term loan? Did you know you can get fast cash on your boat, too? Would you prefer to use your boat as collateral, instead of your car? Then Florida Car Title loans can help you right now, because we also write loans on boat titles.

As a boat owner you probably already know that many people have very expensive boats that they rarely take out on the water who are eligible for boat title loans. One marina owner we work with told us that more than 50 of the boats in his care haven’t moved in three years, and some of them are worth close to $2 million! That’s a lot of money tied floating around, and title loans are a great way to put some of it back in your pocket

Difference Between Personal Loans, Payday Loans, and Title Loans

You must know the difference between personal loans, payday loans and title loans. If you research personal loans –also called signature loans or unsecured loans — you’ll find “lenders” advertising personal loans with no credit check, or they may tell you that you can get an unsecured loan if you have bad credit. Do not fall for this.

Unsecured personal loans without credit checks are just cash advances, sometimes called payday loans. You can’t borrow much and they are very short-term – sometimes just a week or two. And the interest rates tend to be extremely high, because unsecured loans are very risky, since there’s no collateral to help shield the lender from bad loans.

Low Interest Boat Loans

Boat title loans. They are secured by the equity value of your boat, which lowers the lender’s risk and should also result in a much lower interest rate for you. Of course, we shouldn’t speak poorly of our competitors but you should know that there are many lenders who will charge you exorbitant interest rates even when you are putting up valuable collateral. Don’t fall for their scams and schemes! Only deal with reputable lenders.

Boat Title Loans in three simple steps

Here’s what you need to do to get the loan process started. It’s easy and simple, and if you follow these three steps you could have cash in your account in less than 24 hours. Your credit history, even a bankruptcy isn’t a problem. As long as the title to your boat is clear you can get a title loan!

    • Fill out the application on this page. You’ll need just four pieces of information on your boat: Type; Year; Make; Model, and your contact information so we can follow up. There’s no fee to apply, and no obligatation at all. You will get an instant notification of approval and the maximum amount you’ve qualified to borrow.
    • Choose your loan amount, up to the maximum you’ve been approved for.
    • Get your money. Once final approval is received you will get your cash immediately…and you get to keep driving your boat! The whole process takes less than a day, and often is less than 30 minutes.

Our Loan Specialists Are Here To Help

Our loan specialists are the best in the business, and they will work with you to put together a boat loan that gives you everything you need. There are never any hidden fees and we offer the lowest interest rates in the industry. You’ll have multiple repayment plans to choose from, and there are even options if you happen to lose your job!

Your specialist will make sure you know exactly what you need at every step of the loan process. We are certain you’ll find this to be one of the simplest and most convenient things you’ve ever done. Don’t hesitate to call or fill out your application online. Two minutes from now you could be on your way to having all the cash you need!

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