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Boynton Beach can be found in Palm Beach County and located in the state of Florida, just a little in the northerly direction from Delray Beach and in close proximity to the city of Fort Lauderdale. According to U.S. census data, the population in the area was 68,217 in the year 2010. The name came from Nathan Boynton who fought in the American Civil War and settled there after falling in love with the natural beauty and immaculate beaches in the area. In 2005, the region was stuck and experienced noticeable damages when Hurricane Wilma passed through. Many of the homes there were destroyed. Since then, residents have tried to get back to their normal way of living. However, there are some residents with less finances and it took them longer to refurbish their homes and return to normalcy. If you are one of those residents and you are still trying to see your way financially, you can apply for a title loan in Boyton Beach without having to worry about credit. As long as you can use your vehicle as collateral, you will be counted as having possible eligibility. The vehicle must to owned free and clear, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a job or some type of income to fully qualify for FL Title Loans.

Certificate of Title

If you received the vehicle as a gift and the certificate of title is still in the other person’s name, you have two options to receive a Florida title loan in Boyton Beach:

  1. Have the person on the title apply for the loan
  2. Go to your local DMV and have the title transferred in your name

Both options are easy to accomplish. However, the title loan company in Boyton Beach has to match the name of the borrower with the certificate of title.

Your Local DMV for Title Loans in Boyton Beach FL

To get all of this done, go to the local DMV closest to you:

Address: 501 S Congress Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: 561-355-2264

It’s time to take action and finally improve your finances with online title loans in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

The Laws Governing Title Loans in Boyton Beach FL

Florida Office of Financial Regulation in the Consumer Finance Division mandates the title loan industry and determines what lenders are and aren’t supposed to do. Under Chapter 537 of the Florida Statute, a Florida title loan must have terms of thirty days. However, the lender can offer an extension, but only if both the lender and borrower agrees to this in writing. The terms of the loan can be extended for one thirty day period or two thirty day periods. The interest rate for the extension cannot be in excess of what the lender charged in the original contract agreement. The lender cannot accommodate the extension on the premise that interest that is due on the original contract agreement can be rolled over and added to the principal.

Lenders are licensed under Chapter 516 of the Florida Statutes. Consumers are protected under this legislation, but it is not as specific to compliance as Chapter 537 is.  

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