Title Loans in Brandon, Florida

You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. Whether your past includes the excessive spending of someone with unlimited cash or you had some unexpected circumstances zap your bank account, you now find yourself in dire financial straits. Don’t make the situation worse by stressing out because your friends, your family and the bank turned you down for a loan. Maybe it’s time to consider an alternative source of funding. Let us help you with funding through our title loans in Brandon.

Title Loans Brandon Explained

Title lenders use an extremely simple formula for making loans; an applicant puts up their vehicle as collateral, and the lender gives the person money. Until the debt is repaid, the borrower’s title remains in the lender’s possession. By basing loans on assets provided by the client, a lender can eliminate credit checks. Without a credit check, the person with a bankruptcy or bad credit is able to secure a loan, which they would not be able to do at a mainstream lending institution.

Title Loan Qualifications

  • All borrowers are 18 years old or above.
  • An income to afford loan payments. Income sources include a job, unemployment benefits, retirement, alimony or other revenue streams.
  • Vehicles used as collateral are lien-free, and the owner must not still be making payments. Registration documentation must list the applicant as the vehicle’s owner.

Title Loans Brandon Applications

If you’re one of those people who hates filling out long applications or other forms, you will love our application for title loans in Brandon. All you need to do is supply a few simple details about yourself, such as your name and contact information. Also give info about your vehicle, such as its make and model. Applications only take a few minutes to complete and submit, and then you get a loan estimate. A loan associate will contact you to work out loan details, including the repayment schedule. Once finished, just sign your loan agreement, and give us the title papers.
Legal Information

  • 30 day loan terms
  • Additional loan terms acceptable when both parties agree
  • Lenders licensed through the state
  • Advance notice required before a lender repossesses or sells a vehicle attached to a delinquent account
  • A borrower can get their vehicle back after a lender repossesses it if the borrower pays off the loan and all associated fees and costs
  • Interest rates vary between 18 and 30 percent a year.

Benefits of Title Loans

Car title loans in Florida are better than other types of funding in several ways. One is that the process is shorter and easier than going to a bank. Their process is not only longer and more complicated, it can take several weeks to complete. Tampa title loans are especially great for people looking for fast cash because it usually takes less than a day to approve the loan and give out the cash. Bank loans are also notorious for basing loan decision on a credit check, even though you may have the means to pay them back. Lenders doesn’t even bother with credit checks. We use collateral, and we have a very high approval rate.

Another way title loans are a better way to get funding is that you won’t have to deal with family members or friends being in your financial affairs. Let’s say you ask one of them for a loan, and they say yes. They may want to know what’s going on in your finances, and they may offer gently, but constant, reminders that you owe them. Why bother with that type of negative situation when title loans in Brandon are available without an interrogation.

Finally, with title loans in Brandon, you keep the car while paying off the loan.

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