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It is interesting to note how many people know nothing whatsoever about title loans. More people than ever before are using them to get the fast cash they need now. Trying to get a small loan out of a bank these days is close to impossible, especially if you have bad credit. Besides that, car title loans in Florida are just so much easier to get. The application process is incredibly simple, and you won’t have to wait around for what seems like forever like you do at a bank to know if you qualify. At Florida Title Loans, we make title loans in Cocoa available to almost everyone with a few requirements. If you have a car that you own and a clear title, you’ll most likely be approved for a loan. To simplify the process even more, we accept lots of people with bad credit. Instead of qualifying on credit, we will use your automobile as collateral to make good on the loan. You can even continue to drive your vehicle while you’re carrying a loan, and you can spend your loan amount anyway you want. We have you covered for quick service, a short-term loan, professional services and low interest rates.

Qualifying for Title Loans Cocoa

To qualify for title loans in Florida, you have to have a vehicle registration listing you as the owner. You must also have no liens listed on the title. In addition, applicants have to be at least 18 years old and present a driver’s license or state id to confirm their age.

Who Benefits From Title Loans Cocoa?

  • Parents paying for a college education.
  • People working for minimum wage that need funds.
  • Anyone needing help to cover regular monthly bills.
  • Someone who wants to pay off high interest charge cards.
  • People working on commission with cash flow problems.
  • Anyone in need of fast cash with a low interest rate.

Why You Should Consider a Title Loan

When many people think about getting quick cash, they often think about Florida auto pawn, but as you’ll soon see, title loans in Orlando typically offer more benefits like these:

  • Unlike pawn shops, where you lose the use of your car, you are free to drive your auto at any time.
  • You choose how to use your loan money for anything you want like paying bills, making car repairs or taking a badly needed vacation.
  • We grant loans for up to $50,000.
  • No pre-payment fees or penalties.
  • Fast cash in 24 hours or less.

Lender/Client Responsibilities

Borrowers are protected by state regulations to ensure the contract contains specific information, so they know what they are agreeing to for car title loans in Florida. Lenders must supply the length of the loan, minimum payments and the payment schedule. They must also list any miscellaneous fees and the interest rate for the loan.

Fast and Easy Application Process

Applicants interested in obtaining title loans just need to answer a few questions about their vehicle and a little personal information. Answer the questions on our online form with your vehicle’s make, style, model, age and odometer reading or an estimate. Then supply your full name, telephone number and zip code.

You’ll receive an instant estimate for your loan amount and a call from a loan agent. During the call you will discuss various income options to satisfy the loan and flexible payment arrangements that you can live with.

Your car will undergo an inspection and you’ll turn over the title to your loan agent. He or she will close the loan and you’ll get your cash.

Florida Title Loans help thousands of folks get through the rough times. If you need cash now, consider title loans in Cocoa.

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