Title Loans in Cutler Bay, FL

When you need money and you just can’t wait, a FL car title loan can help you get cash in as little as 24 hours. Car title loans are a unique type of collateral loan that don’t require a check upfront, and that aren’t based on your credit or financial history. Instead, these loans use nothing more than your car’s title to get you the cash you’re looking for.

You keep the vehicle, itself while you borrow. All your lender needs is the title as security for the amount they are letting you borrow. If you have a clean car title with no liens against it, you have everything you need to get Cutler Bay title loans.

This short list of loan requirements means that there isn’t much when it comes to getting a title loan. Generally, a loan can be worked out in just a few minutes, and borrowers can get their loan money in as little as a day’s time, which can be a lifeline when things unexpectedly get financially difficult.

We have a long list of locations to make things convenient for you. With car title loans in Miami, Kendall, Homestead, and Palmetto Bay, we have you covered.

Getting Your Car Title Loan Ready

If you are in the market for car title loans in Cutler Bay FL, it helps to have everything ready with your vehicle. You are going to need a copy of your car’s title, and it’s not a bad idea to make sure things like registration are up to date, and any fees owed on your car up to date.

 The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office can help you get all of that in order. Use their online portal to get copies or replacements for your title, renew your registration, and take care of any tickets or fees you might have hanging around. For other matters, or to speak with someone in person, you can always visit their Miami office at:

14653 SW 122nd Ave
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 299-6333

Understanding A Cutler Bay Title Loan

When you’re getting a title loan you aren’t just getting money, you’re also getting peace of mind. That is why lenders work actively to make sure they are open and honest with their borrowers, and in line with regulations set down by the State of Florida.

Florida has set down a few regulations worth noting. Any responsible title lender will follow them without a borrower even having to ask, but knowing what you can and cannot get with title loans in Cutler Bay FL can help you prepare, plan, and find the right lender for you. According to Florida law:

  • All borrowers must receive a signed loan agreement
  • The agreement must state both the amount borrowed and the loan interest rate
  • The agreement must also have contact info for the Florida Office of Financial Regulation

If you think you have been working with a lender that does not comply with these state regulations, let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau know immediately. It is also a good idea to tell local authorities so that they investigate the matter, too.

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