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How much money would it take to get you over that financial hump? For most people, it wouldn’t take very much, but getting their hands on that extra cash is often a challenge. When people you know can’t help you, and the bank won’t help you, turn to the option that is practically guaranteed. Title loans in Fleming Island have a very high approval rate.

Title Loans Fleming Island Explained

Title loans are collateral-based financing approved without a credit check. Bad credit, no credit and bankruptcy are not problems borrowers should worry about because their payment history has no bearing on loan approval. Everyone, regardless of their credit history, has a great chance of getting car title loans in Florida, if they qualify. Qualifiers for title loans in Fleming Island include being 18 or older and having an income. Many borrowers have income through employment, but other types of income are welcome. These include retirement or disability benefits, pensions, alimony and other sources of income. Vehicles used include cars, trucks, SUVs or other types. They must have a clear title, and owners must not owe money on the vehicle. After loan approval, the client turns in their title, which they get back when the loan is repaid.

Title Loans Fleming Island Applications

Supply us with the make, model, miles and year of your car, as well as your name and phone number, and that’s about all there is to the application for Fleming Island and Jacksonville title loans. Once you submit it, we’ll give you a loan quote. One of our associates will call you to get more info, including details of your income, more specifics about your car’s condition and when you want to get the loan money. Finalize your loan process by turning in your car title and signing the loan documents. You can have money in your hands within hours.

Florida legal information

In addition to holding a state license, title lenders must provide borrowers a written statement that itemizes their loan amount, fees and costs. They must give borrowers advance notice before executing a vehicle repossession or sale. Borrowers can reclaim their vehicle if they pay off the loan and all fees before the lenders sells the vehicle.

Loan terms are 30 days. Additional terms are optional. Interest rates for loans under $2,000 are up to 30 percent. Interest is 24 percent for loans between $2,000 and $3,000, and it is 18 percent for loans over $3,000.

Benefits of Title Loans

Title loans provide easy money. Compared to traditional lending, everything about title loans is faster and less complicated.

There is no credit check, which means anything you’ve got in your bill paying past will stay there. Collateral and your ability to repay the money is the basis for title loan approval.

Title loans are easy to get than borrowing money from people you know. Friends and relatives are a great source of support most of the time, but money changes relationships. Avoid the potential embarrassment of having to ask someone for money, and skip the stress of worrying about paying that person back. There is the other possibility that your friend or family member could turn you down for a loan. As long as you have the collateral, lenders will probably say yes.

If you want privacy, applying online is the best option because only you know what’s going on. When you do talk to a loan agent, they don’t share your business with anyone else because we value your privacy. Title loans are confidential and discreet.

Keep your vehicle while paying off the loan.

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