Title Loans in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. Just because a person has bad credit, many lenders refuse to do business with them. It’s as if they believe a person with past credit mistakes can never overcome their history, so there is no need to extend them new credit. If you’re stuck in that predicament, let us give you a second chance with our title loans Land O’ Lakes.

What are Title Loans Land O’ Lakes?

Car title loans in Florida are loans that don’t require you to go through a credit check for approval. While it may sound different from a typical loan, it works. Applicants pledge their vehicle as collateral for the loan, they give the vehicle’s title to the lender, and they get the money. Without a credit check, more people are approved, especially those with bad credit who don’t have the option to get a traditional loan.

Eligibility Requirements

    • Age
      Be 18 or older.
    • Income
      You must have money to repay the loan. Income options include a job, unemployment benefits, retirement or another source.
    • Asset
      Your vehicle must have your name listed on the registration documents. You must not owe on it, and the title must be free-and-clear.

Title Loans Land O’ Lakes Applications

How long would it take for you to write down your name and contact information? How about the make, model, year and mileage of your car? It only takes minutes because that’s about all the info needed on our title loans Land O’ Lakes online application. You provide that, and we give you a loan estimate of how much cash we are offering. With your quote, discuss the loan with one of our agents. Loan amounts vary based on the value of the car, truck or other vehicle used as collateral. We may do a quick vehicle inspection to make sure its value matches our offer. Once you set up payment arrangements and go over the loan details, just turn in the title so we can distribute your cash.

Florida Legal Information

      • Title lenders need a license from the Office of Financial Regulation.
      • Loans are for 30 days, but they can be renewed for additional 30 day periods when the lender and borrower agree to terms.
      • Interest rates on title loans runs between 18 percent and 30 percent.
      • Lenders and borrowers must sign an informational document before signing a loan contract. This document must state the amount of money borrowed and the interest charges on the loan, as well as what happens to a customer’s vehicle if they do not repay the loan.

Benefits of Title Loans

    • You get money fast. Most applicants for Tampa title loans get the cash they have applied for the same day they submit an application.
    • Application procedures are short. With an application that takes minutes to complete and a short phone interview to work out loan specifics, title loan customers save a lot of time. If they apply for the same amount of money at a bank, the process would likely take several weeks to complete.
    • There is no credit check. Loans are collateral-based, so checking customer’s credit is unnecessary. Bank loans also require collateral sometimes, but those loans still require a credit check. There is no way of getting around a credit score to approve or deny traditional loans.
    • You get to keep your car. Since it won’t do us any good, and it can interfere with your daily life to be without it, we let you keep your vehicle. The title is sufficient to secure your loan.
    • Interest rates are not a one-size-fits-all type deal. They are competitive and are often lower than similar lending types, such as cash advances.
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