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You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. Our National Economy may have started showing signs of improvement, but it is still pretty tough to make both ends meet with what little we make. Every single day we come across stories of how life between paychecks has become more and more harrowing. Living expenses are increasing at a steady pace on the one side, and income remains stagnant or even moves downhill at times. Some expenses can wait but stuff like utility bills, credit card dues, unexpected medical bills, etc. cannot wait even for a day.  Where does one go and find that much-needed cash? Other short-term title loans in Plantation FL could be out of reach because of bad credit score, and your credit history is not supportive. Thankfully, our Florida Title Loans are one sure shot way to put some money in your wallet without the hassles of running around the city.

How Do I Obtain a Title Loan Plantation FL?

The best thing about car title loans in Plantation FL with us is the speed with which you can put cash in your wallet or pay off those pressing commitments. You can just visit our state specific website or walk into a nearby storefront and complete a very short application process. It just takes about few minutes to complete the application process.  In less than one hour after we receive your application, you will receive an estimate of approval and our terms attached to the loan. Once you confirm acceptance, the loan is either transferred to your bank account, or you can collect cash from our storefront. Isn’t that simple and fast? Apply for title loans in Plantation FL today!

How Do I Qualify?

To be eligible for  car title loans Plantation FL, you should have a clean and marketable title to your car. You will be asked to provide the model, make mileage, and the age of your car during the application process. On receipt of your request, we will verify the ownership, provide you with an online title loan estimate, and proceed to approve your loan.

I Have Bad Credit. Is that OK?

Your credit score or credit history is not important to us, and we will not access your credit history as part of the approval process. The title of your car is the only security for your loan, and we will create a charge against the car. Once you repay the loan, the title of your car will revert to you. Many of our customers have bad credit, poor credit or even bankruptcy, and we are proud to have helped them in times of their dire needs with the financial assistance they needed. Title Loans in Plantation FL are that simple!

How Much Cash Should I Expect?

The amount you receive for title loans in Plantation FL are approved against your car is about 50 percent of the auction value of your vehicle. You can also verify this using website like the ‘Kelley Blue Book.’  In some exceptional cases, we may approve a higher loan subject to your repayment ability and other conditions. You can speak to us to consider this provision.

Can I Keep Driving My Car?

Another significant advantage of our car title loans in Fort Lauderdale / Plantation FL is that you get to keep your car and use it the way you want even the loan remains to be paid off. It is important however that you make your monthly payments on or before the appointed date. Failure to do so may compel us to initiate action to repossess your car.

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