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You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. After paying for food, clothes, shelter, insurance and other necessities, is there anything left over for the fun things in life? For many people, the answer is no. On the one hand, you could be happy to just have enough money to get by. On the other hand, why deprive yourself of something enjoyable? If you need extra money to splurge on a little treat for yourself, it’s available right now. Car title loans in Florida are convenient and easy, and there is a very high approval rate, even for those with bad credit.

What are Title Loans Saint Augustine?

Title loans in Saint Augustine are a different type of personal loan. Secured through collateral, these loans do not include the mandatory credit check associated with more traditional loans. Applicants for title loans in Saint Augustine pledge their personal vehicle against the loan. This opens the possibility of approval for many people with bad credit or a bankruptcy. Qualified applicants are 18 or older and have an income through work, disability, retirement, alimony or another source. Applicants must use a vehicle they own and have paid off. It is lien-free, and their name must appear on the registration.

Applications for Title Loans Saint Augustine

Online applications are not only convenient, they are easy and fast. Just click the vehicle options to indicate your make, model, year and style. Tell us the mileage. Give us your name and some contact information. Soon after you submit this application, we text or email you with a loan estimate, and a loan representative calls you to discuss the offer. At this time, we answer any questions you have, and we get any other information we need, such as details about your income source. Nearly everything to finalize the loan we do over the phone, but you will need to make a quick trip to our offices to sign loan documents. We also need to check out your vehicle in person, and you need to collect your cash money.

Florida Legal Information

1. Loan terms are 30 days. When both the borrower and lender agree, loans are renewable for additional 30 day terms.
2. Lenders may not charge a fee or penalty when borrowers pay back loan money early.
3. Before a vehicle is taken or sold because of a past due account, the lender must give the borrower advanced notice.
4. During the advanced notice period, a borrower can remove personal items from the vehicle. They may also reclaim their car by paying off the loan and all related fees.
5. Before a loan agreement is signed, lenders must provide a separate document with details of the loan amount, all fees and all consequences of not paying back the money. Both parties must sign this
6. Interest varies by the amount of the loan, but it is typically between 18 percent and 30 percent annually.


  • Convenient
    Apply at home, at work or anywhere else. Do it whenever you have time. With online applications for Jacksonville title loans, there is no waiting. You are always first in line.
  • Easy
    Applications are just a brief list of your vehicle details, you name and your contact info. You don’t need any employment or salary information, references or documentation.
  • Fast
    The application takes minutes to complete. You get a loan estimate and a call from a loan rep right after submitting your application. Very little time passes between your application and you collecting cash. Most borrowers get their money within a day or less.
  • No credit check
    You can apply with the worst credit rating possible and still get a title loan if you have the collateral and a way to pay it back.
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