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You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. A title loan is a type of financing where debtors use their car title as security. Debtors who wish to get a title loan must place a lien on their vehicle title and surrender an original hard copy of their car title in exchange for specific monetary financing. Once the debt is settled, the vehicle title is returned to the owner as the lien is removed. The amount of monetary financing is determined by the value of the vehicle, the amount of loan requested and the borrower’s ability to repay.

Title loans Tarpon Springs can come in handy during desperate times of need. As the financial future remains cloudy for most people, need may arise during hard economic times. Title loans can help during emergency medical bills. During medical emergencies, medical attention is required immediately. Lack of ready finances can get catastrophic for the ailing. When this occurs, a vehicle title loan can be a good solution. When unexpected circumstances arise, such as death of a loved one, funeral expenses can be a tall order. A vehicle title loan can cover the costs incurred during the burial preparations.

Title Loans Tarpon Springs; application and procedure for financing

Title loans Tarpon Springs offer a variety of funding including boat title loans. The company accepts boat titles as security on loans. To apply for a loan on the website, one has to fill out an application. After that, a loan representative will get back to you as soon as possible. The application requires one to have basic information about the collateral. Data collected may include:

  1. Make and model of the car
  2. Estimated mileage of the car
  3. Basic personal contact information such as name, phone number and zip code.

After that, after using the online application to apply for a loan, all that is needed is a photo I.D and the title to the vehicle. Shortly after completion, an auto pawn estimate shall be sent to your e-mail.

Legal regulations on loans

Title loans in St. Petersburg are regulated and stipulated in law to minimize conflict between the parties in contract. Florida Statute 537 offers more protection for the borrower as it has restrictions on sale, repossession and extra costs charged by the creditor. Under statute 516 the agreement ought to be in writing with details on collateral, date of the agreement and legal notice on any default in payment. Regulations put a cap on the maximum limits on interest rates charged on title loans.

So, why should I consider a title loan?

Car title loans in Florida are increasingly getting more common for numerous reasons. These are:

  1. Most notably, is that a car title loan is a fast way of getting cash while in need. Vehicle title loans are processed within 24 hours of application. Moreover, information required from borrowers such as year of manufacturing, make and model of the vehicle and condition of the car is readily available and simple to fill.
  2. Secondly, since neither credit scores nor background checks are involved while awarding a title loan, anyone with value in a car can get financing. The minimum requirements needed from the borrower make title loans a good option.
  3. In comparison to bank loans, the value of collateral required for a vehicle title loan is much lower. Banks too offer secured credit, but often, the value of security is quite overboard. The most common example is real property. A title loan only requires a car as security.

Getting a loan in Florida can’t get any easier than it is currently. With the friendly interest rates and no pressure on early payments, a title loan might be a solution to any financial problem.

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