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You knew it’d come sooner or later. That nagging bill with impossible payments is due. You’ve gone back and forth in your head about options. You can’t ignore it anymore. You tried that. Reasoning with the creditor is out, too: You’re too far behind for that. Then your dad suggested maybe that you look for a consolidation loan of some sort. You know, pay it off and get a loan with a more reasonable repayment schedule to replace it.

The problem is, you don’t have such great credit to begin with. No bank will loan you money, partly due to how badly this loan dinged your credit.  The good news is you don’t need good credit if you’re considering a title loan. With title loans in Fort Myers, you can use the money you borrow for just about anything, including that nagging bill.  And unlike a traditional bank loan, which practically requires a signature made of gold, a title loan requires only collateral. In this case, if you have the title to an automobile, you can get a title loan.

Truth be told, maybe it isn’t an old loan. Maybe it’s a medical emergency. Or maybe you need to replace your refrigerator. Or maybe, just maybe you just need a vacation. No matter. You can use the money anyway you need to. And often you can have cash in hand the same day you apply for it.

If this sounds like the financial relief you have been craving, a title loan just might be for you. Read the next sections to learn how getting a title loan from us works.

Title Loans Cape Coral: Application To-Dos

It’s possible to start the loan process right from your computer or your mobile phone. This type of information accounts for the types of questions you’ll be asked on our form:

  • What is your full name?
  • Where are you located (zip code)?
  • What’s your number?
  • What year is your vehicle?
  • What model/ make is your car?
  • What is the reading on the odometer (the miles)?

The answers you give to those questions help us give you a title loan quote online. We’ll let you know how much we think we’ll lend to you based upon this info.

Then sit tight. Someone from our local office will ring you up to converse with you about your loan. This is the last step before you get the cash you applied for. Be sure to converse with your loan rep about anything that concerns you, even your credit, although it isn’t a factor in this process. In fact, many people who apply for title loans wind up elevating their credit score, because they paid their loan back in a timely and responsible fashion.

We want to help you. We won’t know how unless you tell us what’s on your mind.

Title Loans Cape Coral: The Legal Protections

You may harbor some doubts about getting title loans in Florida, but we want you to know that you are protected in every way. Laws and regulations for our industry are strict here in Florida at the state level and at the national level.

What that boils down to for you is that the terms of your loan will never come as a surprise to you. You’ll have a contract that describes the following in detail:

  • Interest rates
  • Pay-off date
  • Payment amounts
  • Other important financial information you need to know to make a good borrowing decision.

One Last Look at Title Loan Advantages

  • You can use the money any way you’d like, including but not limited to, paying off smaller debts, medical emergencies, vacations, your kids’ orthodontic bills, and more.
  • Getting a title loan can actually help revamp a poor credit score, although we do not require good credit in order to loan you money. Your vehicle’s title is enough.
  • We have an easy online application to start with. We also have reps that are here to help you with the whole loan process.
  • You’re protected by the laws that govern the title-loan industry.

Why not apply now? The respite you need from your financial hardships is just around the corner.

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