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Fishing, boating, surfing and other water recreational activities make Dania Beach a great place to live. When you invite your friends over for a good time, make sure you have enough money to pay for all the expenses. Title loans in Dania Beach can provide the funding to help you live the good life.

What Are Dania Beach Title Loans?

Title loans Florida allow you to use your car ownership to raise cash. You will hand over your car title to the lender. The lender gives you a lump sum amount of cash after you sign the contract. The loan contract will list the amount, time period, fees, interest rate and repossession rights.

You will repay the loan based on the agreed terms and conditions of said contract. When you pay off the loan, you get your title back. If you default, then the lender can repossess your car. Under Florida Statutes, Chapter 516, the “Florida Consumer Finance Act,” you must be notified before your vehicle is repossessed.

Why Do People Like Dania Beach Title Loans?

Your job might not have given you a proper raise in years. Many Americans are struggling to even get enough hours to pay off all their bills. Yet, your expenses still must be paid.

You have your weekly expenses of groceries, clothing, laundry and housing. You also might want to spend money on some special activities, like water skiing. If your friends visit, you want to be a good host.

Pawn shops might require you to sell your car. That would take away your mode of transportation. The bank loan application process is full of paperwork and some traditional financiers simply aren’t lending. The title loan is better because you still get to drive your car and you can avoid needless red tape.

We offer title loans in Dania Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida that will provide you with money quickly. Your car title will serve as collateral. We simply need your information to see what is available for title loans Dania Beach.

Online Loan Estimate

Just fill in the form that we have provided with your car make, model, year, and mileage. We will review the figures and have our loan representative contact you at the earliest convenience. Also ,include your name, phone number and zip code, so we can contact you.

Dania Beach Financing Laws

The State of Florida allows title loan financiers to provide capital in return for the repayment of said loan. The Florida Statutes Chapter 537, “Florida Title Loan Act” gives the Florida Office of Financial Regulation the power to ensure that all lenders are licensed.

If your car has been repossessed, then you still have the opportunity to buy it back by paying the loan balance in full. You can get other questions answered by calling the Florida Attorney General’s Office at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM.

Dania Beach Activities

Don’t be caught in Dania Beach without the necessary funds to live your life to the fullest. You can bring the family out to enjoy some of the great attractions, such as Oleta River State Park or the Ancient Spanish Monastery. Increase your knowledge.

If you just want to “let down your hair,” then the Blue Moon Outdoor Center is ideal. For important business clients, you could schedule fishing and boat tours. Review your free title loan estimate to see if the terms and conditions fit your lifestyle. Enjoy the great Dania Beach area with car title loan cash.

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