Title Loans in Davie, Fl

Title loans in Davie, FL has indeed come to be reckoned as a friend in need for many of our customers, and for good reasons too. The economic slump which is nearly a decade old now has significantly impacted the way we manage our personal finances. Rising rents, increasing grocery prices, wage loss due to illness, bigger medical expenses, and other unexpected expenses, have made life more challenging and financially crippled. Living from one paycheck to the other and the effort in making ends meet has become a typical rigmarole for many of us. Events like utility bills, medical emergencies, and at times even buying food cannot wait till the next paycheck. What do you do to tide over the exigency? Credit cards are overdrawn, and other short term loans won’t come by since credit scores are sub-par. Cash must be found and found fast! It’s precisely the kind of situation where Florida title loans come in as your friend in need.

Legal Regulations for Title Loans in Florida

In the state of Florida, specific provisions govern title loans and the maximum annual percentage rate of interest chargeable is pegged at 30 percent per annum.

Why Title Loans in Davie FL?

  • Title loans are secured loans offered against the collateral of your car
  • Title loans are short-term loans that you typically pay off over 12 months, unlike a payday loan, making it more comfortable in terms of repayment as well as the cost
  • You continue to use your car throughout the repayment period
  •  Anyone with a clean title to his/her car can be approved for a car title loan Davie in less than an hour. Your credit score or credit history is not a criterion at all.

Access Title Loans in Davie FL

The process of accessing title loans in Davie, FL is quite straightforward and fast. You just need to visit our website and fill out the application form. You will be asked to furnish details of the make of your car, age, mileage, and the model. Confirmation that you are the absolute owner of the car with a marketable title would also be required.  As soon as we receive your application, we will verify your ownership and communicate with you on the car title loan estimate that you can receive and the terms and conditions. Once you signify your acceptance, we will proceed to pay you by check or bank transfer, according to your preference. With car title loans in Hollywood, Weston and Fort Lauderdale you are sure to be close to a location to serve you.

Title Loans with No Credit/Bankruptcy

Many of the applicants who approach us for title loans in Davie FL have a poor credit score, and some of them have even filed for bankruptcy. But, these events will not impact the approval of your title loan. Your credit score or credit history doesn’t matter because the title or your car forms the security for the loan advanced.

How Title Loans Differ From Short Term Loans?

Short term loans, particularly for individuals with a poor credit history or credit rating, are hard to come by. Even when they do, most of them are tied to your next paycheck. When you are in a financial spot, you need some time to get your act together again. It’s where title loans make all the difference. Another factor is the loan amount which can be a few thousand dollars instead of a few hundred dollars offered by other short-term lenders.

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