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Deltona, Florida can be found in Volusia County, centrally to the state.  As of data from the U.S., census of 2010, the population is 85,182 and growing to be the most populated city in that area. In 2010, thirty percent of the population was Latino or Hispanic and twenty percent of the Hispanics hailed from Puerto Rico with 1.8 percent from Cuba and 1.6% from Mexico. The government is ruled by a commission-manager officiating status, which is non-partisan and includes active participation from residents. Sixty percent of residents over 16 years old were employed in 2013, but the unemployment rate was a little over 7%. This may indicate that there is financial problems are plaguing some residents. For that reason, many are not sure where to turn for help. However, title loan lenders are ready to give residents a chance to get title loans in Deltona FL to take care of their financial issues. As long as a Deltona resident owns their vehicle free and clear, the door is open to obtaining title loans FL. With this under your belt, you can now proceed with an application, after which you will provide proof of income and an appropriate identification to prove that you are 18 years or over. Car title loans Orlando is another location to obtain a loan, as well as several locations in and around Florida.

Department of Motor Vehicles

If your certificate of title is misplaced or lost, the Department of Motor Vehicle allows you to apply for a new one to replace the original. You can go to your local DMV and submit an application. It only takes a day to get this done. Once, done, then you can submit your application for title loans in Deltona FL.

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The Legislation of Title Loans Deltona

The legislation that administers the title loan industry is Chapter 537 of the Florida Statute. This law was passed in the year 2000 to protect the industry that included the lender and borrower. The legislation has specific guidelines as it relates to finance charges and interest rates.The most rate of interest that Florida title loan companies can charge is:

  • Thirty percent if the person borrows $2,000
  • Twenty-five percent if the person borrows more than $2,000 and less than $3,000
  • Eighteen percent if the person borrows more than $3,000

The lender has to calculate interest in simple terms and not in compound terms. The contract agreement for a title loan could become void if the lender does otherwise.  Apply for title loans in Deltona FL today!

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