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You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. Falling behind in credit card bills can be a slow, gradual process. It can become agonizing when the banks start to make their courtesy calls. Fort Myers title loans might offer you a way to escape this debt morass.

What Are Fort Myers Title Loans?

Automobile title loans provide a quick source for raising cash by using the ownership of your vehicle. You hand over your car title and a spare set of keys to the lender. The financier pays you a lump sum amount of cash to be used for whatever you want.

Under Florida law, you will be given a contract listing the amount, annual percentage rate (APR), time period, fees schedule and repossession rights. Continue to drive your automobile while you make your payments. When you pay off your loan, you get the title back. If you default, the lender can repossess your car.

Why Are Fort Myers Title Loans Popular?

Surely, credit cards are a great source of capital; but when you fall behind in payments, it can be difficult to catch up. The banks share your credit history, so if you are behind on one card, it can be difficult to get a loan from another bank. That is where title loans Florida can help.

Unlike the banks, the non-traditional title loan company uses more flexible criteria for determining if you should be lent money. Of course, you still must repay the money, but title loan firms understand that all people might experience temporary difficulties. Your car is still valuable and will serve as collateral.

By paying off your credit cards, you can gain peace of mind. You may reduce stress in your social affairs. You might also be able to increase your credit history by being diligent in repaying your bills.

Title loans Fort Myers, Florida give you the capacity to better manage your budget. You can use the money how you see fit and plug up holes that may have damaged your credit rating. You will sleep better when you regain financial control of your life.

Simple Fast Loan Estimate in Fort Myers

Your vehicle value is the primary factor for these secured loans Fort Myers. We will need your vehicle make, model, year, mileage and VIN to calculate how much we can lend you. Also, we need your name, phone number and address to give to our loan representative to contact you about your free car title loan estimate at the earliest convenience.

Fort Myers Title Loan Laws

The State of Florida has provided a number of laws to safeguard your consumer rights
with respect to title loans Fort Myers found in Florida Statutes, Chapter 516, the “Florida Consumer Finance Act.” Before the lender can even repossess your car, he is required to contact you. You can choose to voluntarily hand over your car.

If the lender repossesses your car and plans to sell it at an auction, you must be notified at least 10 days before the sale under Florida Statutes Chapter 537, “Florida Title Loan Act.” You can call the Florida Attorney General’s Office at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM for more information.

Experience Fort Myers

During spring training, there are many Major League baseball teams that call Fort Myers, their home. Get the money in your wallet to pay for popcorn, hot dogs, and beverages. Make sure to get your memorabilia signed.

There are also educational destinations, such as the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Thomas Edison Estate. Title loans Fort Myers can provide the money you need.

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