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There is no shortage of loan opportunities out there, but only title loans in FL can give you the chance to borrow money quickly and safely through a short term collateral loan. Title loans can lend money to borrowers in as little as 24 hours with nothing more than a clean, lien-free car title.

The purpose of short-term loan like title loans in Lakeland FL  isn’t to take on long-term financial ambitions. Instead, title loans are meant to help borrowers get some quick relief when financial stress hits. Medical bills, unexpected educational expenses, home or appliance repairs, and many more are all very common uses for title loans.

The loan uses your car’s title as collateral to secure your loan money. You can use the loan money to take care of your immediate financial needs and then pay down the loan a little bit later, generally around one to three months after the date of cash receipt. This gives borrowers a bit of time to let a paycheck come in or figure out a more long-term financial solution. Since they only take a car title and not the car, title loans are a fast and stress-free way to get the money you need when you need it with our fair title loans in Lakeland FL.

Florida Regulation Regarding Car Title Loans

The Florida Title Loan Act, passed in 2000, provides borrowers with some substantial rights regarding their title loans. As a part of these regulations, borrowers must all be provided with a written loan agreement that includes at least the following information:

  • The amount being borrowed
  • The interest rate, which is capped at 30 percent annually
  • The lifetime of the loan
  • A clause regarding failure to pay and repossession
  • The contact information for the Florida Office of Financial Regulation

These regulations were put in place to help keep disingenuous lenders, sometimes called loan sharks, away from borrowers looking for legally legitimate title loans in Lakeland FL from a reputable lender. If you think you have been or currently are dealing with a loan shark, contact local law enforcement immediately to file a report.

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