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You’re in a financial situation and you need cash fast. Sometimes, despite your best intentions, your finances can run away from you. Perhaps it’s that unexpected car repair. Or maybe you need to pay tuition for that graduate degree you’re working on. Either way, what you know for sure is that you don’t have the money.

That can be the most frustrating experience ever. And the scariest. But solutions do exist, and if you’ve found yourself on this page, chances are you found one. Usually, people happen upon us as they search the Internet using the words “title loans Lauderdale Lakes” or “title loans Fort Lauderdale.” And fortunately, applying for a loan is as easy as doing the Internet search you just did to find us!

If you’ve never filed for a title loan before, you may wonder how it works. Basically, the title on your vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, your car, or sometimes even your boat, acts as collateral for you. You can get the cash you need based upon the value of the vehicle.

Another thing that people worry about is bad credit. If that’s you, take heart. Whether you just have too many medical bills or you’ve actually filed bankruptcy, we can help you. Unlike a bank signature loan, which can be difficult to get, a title loan is easy. And many people like title loans, because these loans help them rebuild damaged credit.

Now that you know the basics, read the sections below to learn what you need to do and what to expect from your title loan.

Title Loans Lauderdale Lakes: How to Apply

Applying is really easy. You’ll just need a few things on hand.

  • Your information, including the legal name that you go by, the zip code where you live, and a working telephone number
  • The information about your car, including how many miles the vehicle has on it, the year, and the make and model
  • A couple of minutes to fill out the online application.

Once you are done with the application, you’ll get an initial title loan estimate of how much money you can borrow against your title. Then a person from the office in your area will give you a call and visit with you about the loan. Most of the time your money can be in your hands within a 24-hour period, sometimes even within the same day.

Title Loans Lauderdale Lakes: The Legal Stuff

The law protects you when you get a title loan. Companies working in the title loan industry must adhere to the strictest state and federal regulations. We gladly do that.

For you, this means that nothing about your loan will surprise you. When you sign your contract, the repay amount, the number of payments, the interest, and any other element related to your loan will be spelled out in your loan documents. This leads to peace of mind for you!

Getting a Title Loan: The Recap

  • Borrowing money from us is very easy: You just need the title of your car and a few minutes to apply.
  • Your credit isn’t an issue with us. In fact, working together with us helps you rebuild your credit quickly.
  • You’re protected by the law. This allows you to borrow money with confidence.
  • The money can be in your hands and your financial problems solved very quickly, sometimes within 24 hours of you applying for your loan.
  • A representative will contact you about the loan, allowing you to learn quickly about your loan status and to answer any questions you might have about it.
  • It’s easy to apply right online.

If this sounds good, why not start filling out our online application form now?

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