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Money problems can be such a drag for a Fort Lauderdale resident. They can cause unnecessary stress and worry. The good news is that you can escape such problems if you own a vehicle in Fort Lauderdale. Special lenders offer cash advances called title loans in North Lauderdale. These advances can get you the cash you need quite quickly so that you can alleviate your stress.

All About Title Loans North Lauderdale

A title loan is a cash advance just for Florida automobile owners like yourself. They are short-term loans that last 30 days. Lenders came up with the option years ago to help people who needed money but faced challenges such as imperfect credit and time constraints. Title loans vary in amounts because the amount depends on the value of your vehicle. You could receive a small loan of about $500, or you could receive a large loan of $5,000 or more. The lender will explain that to you when he or she provides you with the loan quote.

Qualifying for Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale

You must meet a few qualifying criteria to receive title loans. First, you must be the appropriate age to sign a contract. You must be older than 18 years old. Secondly, you must be the sole owner of your vehicle and have the proof of such in your hand. Thirdly, you should have some proof of income and other supporting documents that can portray you as a reliable person who will repay the advance. You might want to bring at least four pay stubs and a list of references that the lender can use to check your reliability.

How to Apply for Title Loans in North Lauderdale

The application process for title loans begins when you visit the lender’s website. You will have to complete an application to get the process started. Your application will ask you for information about yourself and about your vehicle. Make sure that you answer all the question precisely so you can receive the maximum amount allowable to you. The lender will immediately review your information as soon as you hit the submit button. A representative will then contact you and provide you with a title loan quote. You can choose to accept the offer if you like it and finish the process at a physical location.

Rules and Regulations on Florida Title Loans

Many of the states in the U.S. have title loan regulations because some lenders practiced predatory lending practices. A Florida lender cannot charge you more than 30 percent interest on your loan. The lender can provide you with an extension of your 30-day advance if the two of you agree to such an extension. The interest rate on the extension cannot exceed the 30 percent cap that was on the original loan. There is no cap on the amount that a Florida lender can extend to you for the advance.

The Benefits of Title Loans in Florida

You can receive many benefits from a title advance. The first benefit that you can receive is a sense of tranquility about your monetary issue. The money is yours the moment you submit the signed contract to the lender. Another benefit of getting a title loan is that it can improve your reputation with lenders. Lenders will trust you once you go through the loan process with them once.

Contact us now if you would like to apply for a title loan. Lenders in your area will be delighted to process your application. You can receive your advance in less than 24 hours.

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