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Palm Bay is a great place to vacation. Palm Bay is located in Brevard County. As of the year 2010, US census data indicates that the population was 103,190. Between 2003 and 2005, the city boasts the title, “All American City”. For more information about this city in Florida, you can go to the city’s Official Website. Pensions for firefighters were of major concern in 2010 and other households are now experiencing financial issues in their homes.

For that reason, many of these residents are applying for title loans as a resolution to their financial issues. If you are one of those people and at least 18 years of age or older with full ownership of your vehicle, you can secure a title loan using that vehicle as collateral or security for the loan. You will also have to prove to the title loan company that you are either gainfully employed or receiving some form of income from a legitimate source such as disability benefits, unemployment benefits, retirement income or worker’s compensation.

Title loans in FL can be processed and money sent directly to your bank account in as little as thirty minutes and as much as forty-eight hours. To solve your money problems, contact us today on title loans in Palm Bay FL and receive a free title loan estimate.

Palm Bay DMV

If the title is not currently in your name or you have misplaced certificate of title, you can go to your local DMV to get one to obtain title loans in Palm Bay FL.

Address: 450 Cogan Dr, Palm Bay, FL 32908
Phone: 321-952-4540

Law for Title Loans in Florida

Chapter 537 of the Florida Statute was initiated in the year 2000. It was necessary to provide guidance to title loan lenders and consumer protection to borrowers. The law has certain restrictions as it relates to the sale of a collateral, additional imposed fees, and the repossession process. When seeking title loans in Palm Bay FL, consults Chapter 516 of the Florida Statute which administrates the licensing of title loan lenders and other financial institutions. Consumers are protected under this piece of legislation.

Consumer Protection Rights

If you have an issue with title loans in FL, you can file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General run by Pam Bondi. You can also contact the Office of the Chief Financial Officer in Florida. We are a safe and reputable lender for title loans in Palm Bay, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and all over Florida.

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