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Residents in Florida fighting to make ends meet between paychecks are in luck since they can still hope to access some cash to tide over a contingency with title loans in Palm Coast FL. It is common knowledge that once the credit score dips below the threshold, financial life gets painfully challenging. Utility bills could be due in the next day or two, and the paycheck is still a good week away. Credit cards are already overdrawn, and there is hardly another door that you can knock. Well, most customers who come to us seeking help every day are experiencing similar situations. We can extend the olive branch to them and pull them out of the hole. All that we need is a clear and marketable title to your automobile. Apply for title loans in FL today.

How Title Loans in Palm Coast FL Work

The popularity of car title loans in Palm Coast FL is growing since most customers find it as the best option in difficult times. Most cars are worth a few thousand dollars in the least, and we approve 50 percent of the auction value of your vehicle as the car title loan. Now, that is some cash when you consider other forms of short term loans where you get just a few hundred dollars. Another advantage with car title loans is that the repayment can be spread across as many as 12 months giving you the much-needed leg room to wriggle out of the corner. Contact us for more information on our title loans in Palm Coast FL. Learn about our many locations from Jacksonville, Orlando to Miami and back again.

Interest Rates Regulated by the State

A huge benefit for residents of Florida applying for title loans in Palm Coast FL is that the interest charged by the lender shall be governed by the State. The maximum APR or annual percentage rate of interest chargeable on car title loans is pegged at 30 percent and the loan is approved for an initial period of 30 days. You have the option of renewing the loan at the expiry of 30 days for a further period if you desire. Before the year 2000, the interest rate paid by Florida residents exceeded 200 percent per annum. Florida Title Loan Act passed in 2000 brought in regulations to help distressed borrowers and provides them absolute protection when seeking vehicle title loans in FL.

What Qualifies for A Title Loan?

Except when specified otherwise any personal property that has a clean and marketable title, except a mobile home serving as the primary residence of the borrower will qualify for a title loan. There must be a written agreement covering both statutes 537 and 516. Such an agreement should clearly specify the model, make and year of the titled property offered as security for the vehicle title  loan. The borrower should also furnish the VIN or any other identification number as well as the number on the license plate where applicable. Instantly receive a title loan quote of the amount you can take out as a loan. Apply today!

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