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Title loans use the car as collateral for the loan. The value of the loan is determined by the value of the car. In order to qualify for this type of loan, the person must be able to prove that their title is clean and clear. If the applicant can prove that they own the title of the vehicle and demonstrate their ability to repay the loan, the individual can qualify for a title loan.

What is a title loan?

Obtaining title loans Winter Park services is done online through an application. Where a traditional loan may rely on the person’s credit, this type of loan is determined by the car’s current value. If the repayment terms cannot be met within 30 days of taking out the loan, it can be extended. The person never has to relinquish the car as long as the loan has been repaid as agreed. This type of loan is administered without a credit check.

How do you go about applying for an auto title loan?

When searching for title loans Winter Park options, an application process must be completed. The title loan application can be done online or by phone. The applicant must have a valid ID and supply proof of income information. If the title of the vehicle is clear and income can be verified, the person can usually qualify for a loan. Once the application has been completed, an auto title loan estimate can be issued.

What are the legal regulations?

The regulations for title loans in Orlando have changed in recent years. Getting title loans in Florida usually requires a repayment period of a month. The interest can only charge 30 percent for the first year if a title loan is taken out. If the loan exceeds a year for repayment, the interest rate charged on the loan cannot exceed 24 percent for any amount between $2,000 and $3,000. For a loan of $1,000, approximately $25 in interest may be charged.

What are the benefits of title loans?

Getting title loans Winter Park support with no credit or bad credit is easier than ever. If the person can prove that they have income, they will likely qualify for auto pawn loans. It is possible to obtain a loan with a bankruptcy or previous repossession. With the traditional lender, a solid credit score is required. A typical application submitted can be processed within minutes. After approval, funds are disbursed to the person within 24 hours. When working with a conventional banking institution, a loan application could take days to process. Much like working with a bank, the funds can be conveniently transferred to the bank account.

Financial emergencies are inevitable. If something happens, it’s good to have peace of mind in knowing that this option is available. People from all types of credit backgrounds have been able to obtain the emergency cash they need when they need it with auto title loans. The repayment terms are flexible enough in that they can be extended and the vehicle remains in the person’s possession while the car is still being driven. It’s always good to have access to instant cash if an accident or other emergency happens. Contact us today for a loan estimate quote and get approved now.

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