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Last week, you bought a birthday gift for a sibling. This week, it’s an anniversary gift for an aunt and uncle. Next month, you’re on the hook for retirement and wedding gifts. When does it end? Probably never, unless you cut ties with everyone in your life or stop giving gifts. Since neither of those options is doable, why not find extra money to help you afford life’s extras? You can get that cash through car title loans in Florida.

What are Title Loans Town ‘n’ Country?

Title loans Town ‘n’ Country are a financial transaction in which a consumer borrows money from a lender. One of the key differences between title loans and bank loans is that title loans don’t rely on credit checks. No matter what type of credit history an applicant has, they can apply for title loans Town ‘n’ Country with the same chance of approval as anyone else. That’s because title loans use the applicant’s car, truck or other vehicle as collateral to secure the loan. During the loan period, the borrower only has to leave their car title with the lender. They get to keep the car.


  • 18 or over
  • Have an income (work, retirement, alimony, disability or other source)
  • Own a lien-free vehicle for collateral (borrower’s name is on the registration)

Applications for Title Loans Town ‘n’ Country

Our easy online application allows you to click choices to find your vehicle. Then, type in the mileage and your personal info, and submit. We give you a quick estimate, and one of our representatives calls to finalize the loan. Once you work out things like a payment plan, drop by our offices to sign a loan agreement and drop off your title. You can also get your money.

Florida Legal Information

  • The State Office of Financial Regulation requires lenders to be licensed
  • Loan terms are 30 days but renewals for additional 30 day terms are an option when both the borrower and lender agree.
  • Annual interest rates are up to 30 percent for loans under $2,000, up to 24 percent for loans between $2,000 and $3,000, and they are up to 18 percent for loans over $3,000.
  • Lenders may not charge a penalty fee when borrowers pay off the loan early.
  • Before repossession or sale of a vehicle linked to a past due account, the lender must give the borrower advanced notice. During this time, the borrower can get the vehicle back by paying off the loan and all associated fees.
  • Before signing a loan agreement, lenders must provide a document with details of the loan amount, fees and consequences of not paying back the loan. Both parties must sign this document.

Title Loan Benefits

  • Tampa title loans are fast in every way. You need money in a hurry, and that’s what you get. Applications are short, and working out loan details happens during a brief phone call. Even coming in to our office to sign loan papers and collect cash doesn’t slow down the process. Most of our customers get their cash the same day they apply.
  • There is no credit check. Since no one is checking your credit, it does not matter if you have bad credit or a bankruptcy. All you need is collateral and an income, and title loans are practically guaranteed.
  • There is no early payoff penalty.
  • There are options if you need more time to pay. Let us know you are struggling to make payments, and we can renew the loan or find another option to keep your loan current.
  • Keep your car to drive as normal.
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